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the relative dangers of drugs what the science - the relative dangers of drugs what the science says photo by h koppdelaney humans indulge in activities that alter both the content and the experience of their own consciousness drugs are a means for achieving a number of particular often recreational changes in conscious experience, risk ratios and rate ratios relative risk - a risk ratio 1 suggests a reduced risk in the exposed group percent relative effect an alternative way to look at and interpret these comparisons would be to compute the percent relative effect the percent change in the exposed group, how to calculate relative risk 3 steps with pictures - relative risk is a statistical term used to describe the risk of a certain event happening in one group versus another it is commonly used in epidemiology and evidenced based medicine where relative risk helps identify the risk of developing a disease after an exposure i e a drug treatment or an environmental exposure versus the risk of developing a disease in absence of the exposure, relative dangers gwynn morgan 9781587495670 amazon com - relative dangers gwynn morgan on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers mari s life centers around remote red canyon arizona and her horse training her secondary goal is earning her high school diploma, relative risks the bmj - relative risks are the usual way of analysing cohort studies to investigate if exposure to a treatment or lifestyle choice affects the risk of a disease, relative risk statistics solutions - relative risk is considered a descriptive statistic not an inferential statistic as it does not determine statistical significance relative risk utilizes the probability of an event occurring in one group compared to the probability of an event occurring in the other group, absolute versus relative risk making sense of media - ten times more likely is a relative risk but 10 times what to get a clear picture of the dangers of eating fishermen we need to know the size of the two underlying absolute risks the headline compares the likelihood of loch ness monsters getting cancer if they don t eat fishermen and the likelihood of cancer if they do, relative risk definition of relative risk by medical - attributable risk the amount or proportion of incidence of disease or death or risk of disease or death in individuals exposed to a specific risk factor that can be attributed to exposure to that factor the difference in the risk for unexposed versus exposed individuals, medcalc s relative risk calculator - medcalc s free online relative risk statistical calculator calculates relative risk and number needed to treat nnt with 95 confidence intervals from a 2x2 table, relative risk definition of relative risk by the free - 1 considered in comparison or relation to something else an animal with a large brain relative to body size the relative quiet of the suburbs