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10 biggest dangers to motorcyclists on the road - riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun but it s also dangerous these are the 10 threats most likely to put you in a dangerous situation, relative humidity georgia state university - the amount of water vapor in the air at any given time is usually less than that required to saturate the air the relative humidity is the percent of saturation humidity generally calculated in relation to saturated vapor density careful there are dangers and possible misconceptions in these, internet dangers enough org - one of the attractions of the internet is the anonymity of the user and this is why it can be so dangerous a child doesn t always know with whom he or she is interacting, fresnel lens comparison modulated light - figure 1 comparison of a fresnel lens left and a conventional plano convex lens right as can be seen the fresnel lens simulates the shape of the conventional lens using individual facets also referred to ridges or grooves each of which contain a portion of the lens s overall figure, nanotechnology dangers of molecular manufacturing - dangers of molecular manufacturing overview molecular manufacturing mm will be a significant breakthrough comparable perhaps to the industrial revolution but compressed into a few years this has the potential to disrupt many aspects of society and politics the power of the technology may cause two competing nations to enter a disruptive and unstable arms race, children face highest health risk from cell phones webmd - the potential harm from microwave radiation mwr given off by wireless devices particularly for children and unborn babies is the highlight of a new review although the data are conflicting, radiation dose chart xkcd generations - i waive all copyright to this chart and place it in the public domain so you are free to reuse it anywhere with no permission necessary, online anonymity breeds contempt the new york times - psychological research has proven again and again that anonymity increases unethical behavior road rage bubbles up in the relative anonymity of one s car and in the online world which can, infiltration a relative invasion book 2 kindle edition - infiltration a relative invasion book 2 kindle edition by rosalind minett download it once and read it on your kindle device pc phones or tablets use features like bookmarks note taking and highlighting while reading infiltration a relative invasion book 2, the three biggest dangers to foreigners in the philippines - 2 danger food and water someone had mentioned mosquitoes as being the second biggest danger to foreigners in the philippines malaria and dengue but after some back and forth we decided on food and water being the greater immediate danger, the dangers of nuclear power an open letter to physicists - footnotes see chapter 2 of science and survival by barry commoner for an account of the arctic fallout question and the iodine 131 scandal in utah in 1960 dr knapp a member of the atomic energy commission s fallout studies branch was asked to write a report on the contribution of hot spots and short lived activities to radiation exposure in the us from nuclear test fallout, scientists doctors and researchers warn of fluoridated - there have been many government sponsored reports u s england and canada which have reviewed the various aspects of fluoridation and all have questioned the practice even unicef the health arm of the united nations warns of fluoride s negative effects unfortunately most dental professionals have a difficult time accepting that new medical and scientific understanding often change, the hidden dangers of cosmetic surgery forbes - cosmetic surgery has become a booming 10 1 billion business each year in the u s according to the american society of plastic surgeons women already 91 of cosmetic patients are electing to, buying an old house common problems hidden costs - problem lead and asbestos are two hazardous materials that were used in residential applications until relatively recently lead a neurotoxic metal that s particularly harmful to children is commonly found in exterior and interior paint made before 1978, cholesterol myths dangers of statin and low blood cholesterol - bad cholesterol a myth and a fraud conventional medical wisdom about cholesterol and the role of statins is now being challenged by a growing number of health professionals researchers at the university san diego school of medicine ucsd point out that high cholesterol is protective rather than harmful and that low cholesterol is a risk factor for heart arrhythmias leading cause of death, open letter on autonomous weapons future of life institute - this open letter was announced july 28 at the opening of the ijcai 2015 conference on july 28 journalists who wish to see the press release may contact toby walsh hosting signature verification and list management are supported by fli for administrative questions about this letter please contact max tegmark, winston churchill warned about dangers of radical islam - winston churchill was one of the greatest leaders of the 20 th century who served as prime minister of the united kingdom during world war ii and again from 1951 to 1955 he was also a historian writer and artist he is the only british prime minister to have been awarded the nobel prize in, dangers of zero carb diets iv kidney stones perfect - about vitamin c and oxalate that is quite interesting story first it was speculation to bring down linus pauling based on theory it was never confirmed that c actually can lead to kidney stones and there are bunch of reports that it can actually cure them, who target 5 reduce tobacco use - the global monitoring framework for ncds will track the implementation of the ncd action plan through monitoring and reporting on the attainment of the global targets in 2015 2020 the 25 indicators and the 9 voluntary global targets of the framework provide overall direction and the action plan, 5 dangers of doing business with family and friends cbs news - when it comes to doing business with friends and family blood isn t always thicker than water despite the best of intentions and the highest of hopes what starts out as a seemingly safe, scientists savage study purportedly showing health dangers - opinions expressed by forbes contributors are their own i write skeptically about science public policy media and ngos does monsanto s roundup ready corn europeans call it maize cause, altitude sickness dangers what to know about the condition - for adventure lovers around the country camping in colorado s rocky mountains is a popular bucket list item sadly such a trip turned deadly last week for one pennsylvania college student 20, liability for dangerous trees australian emergency law - this question from an ses volunteer comes in response to this post i am asked following your post liability for dangers trees i am interested in the nsw ses aspect of this as i am a team leader and in some cases have to deal with such trees either before or after they fall